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The Group added more than 5 national-level technology development platform

Publisher:Browsing times:9 Chongqing Electrical and Mechanical Group has two state-level enterprise technology centers, the provincial (ministerial) level enterprise technology center 23, the provincial (ministerial) level engineering (technology) research center 6, provincial (ministerial level key laboratory 1, 1 workstation, 1 post-doctoral research station, 1 expert of "Liangjiang Scholar" in Chongqing, 1 European Innovation Center of Chongqing Mechatronics and 1 R & D Center of European Machine Tools, 1 brand-name product in China, 44 brand- China Famous Trademark 4, more than 100 national and provincial (ministerial) Science and Technology Award, more than 2,000 patents, with the national accreditation (CNAS) Laboratory 3, and has a number of first-class product development test base. Chongqing Electrical and Mechanical Group adhere to the implementation of the "do fine inventory, and strong incremental, continuous innovation," the new "321" development strategy, focusing on transformation and upgrading and improve quality and efficiency development, focusing on high-end and intelligent equipment, electronic information industry, transportation equipment, Manufacturing and materials, modern manufacturing services five plates, adhere to innovation-driven, market demand-oriented, targeting the direction of industrial development and manufacturing, technology, technology, products and other aspects of the "short board", production and research collaboration, and continuously improve the original innovation , Integrated innovation and the introduction of digestion and absorption of re-innovation capacity, through technological innovation, management innovation, institutional innovation, mechanism innovation to achieve transformation and upgrading, and continuously enhance the economic vitality, control, influence, and promote the industry level from the low- In the high-end, into the benign sustainable development track. Strive to 2020, Chongqing Electrical and Mechanical Group's technological innovation capability significantly improved, science and technology investment income of more than 4%, the whole group added more than five national technology development platform, the total number of patents authorized to reach more than 3,000, of which patents accounted for invention Than to reach more than 5%.